About BEHR

Behrooz Bahadori was born in November 11th, 1951 in Tehran, Iran. He was raised in a middle class family with seven children. He started his professional artistic career when he was twenty-two years old. After learning the modern watercolor styles and fine art he moved to Esfahan, one of the oldest and most artistic cities in Middle East. Apart from others, a mix of traditional Iranian art and the modern pop culture is shown in his style of painting.

Some critics think that his art is a combination of cultural, classical and the modern watercolor art. This is what makes Behr’s watercolor so unique and beautiful.

Behrooz Bahadori moved to Turkey in October 2007, where he held exhibitions in several museums including Boyner, Sanat gallery and Eskishehir City hall. After doing series of exhibitions, Behr felt inspired by Western natural environment and moved to Washington State.

Currently he lives in Seattle where he spends his time painting new beautiful modern watercolors. His gallery “Behr Watercolor Paintings” is located near the Seattle’s most historic building, “Pike Place market”. Behr Gallery is now an exhibition for many famous artists around the world.

Behr originally launched his website to share his art with the world in a different medium and inspire more people to take up the art of watercolor. He adds new compositions monthly with detail and style, so keep his site bookmarked to view the new compositions he adds.

Behrooz Bahdori