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Water Rakings
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Water Rakings
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Welcome statement by Artist Behrooz Bahadori:

"Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy viewing my contemporary paintings within. My name is Behrooz Bahadori and watercolor paintings are my passion. Born in Tehran, Iran I began doodling like every child does and at the age of 22, I set out to expand my knowledge and began painting watercolors. Since then, I am falling in love with art more and more everyday.

The challenge that each and every composition creates is what inspires me to start another, and motivates me to finish it. I love it when accidents play their part in making an art work. That's where the unexpected happens, beyond the imagination. Of course, those many years of hardship in learning the art comes to play in this process.

First, I do not use a lot of airbrush, acrylic, gouache, masking, or any painting aid in my work. Secondly, watercolors were the first medium I worked in as a young man and there was an instant gratification in creating paintings as fine-art. Oil and acrylic are complicated and difficult mediums as well, but at this period in my life I feel the best with a palette of watercolors and a simple sheet of rag.

From impressionist to modern, and landscape to abstract, and flora to fauna watercolors are a favorite subject matter of mine due to their rich, vibrant, and natural colors especially painting watercolor flowers. A single palette can create an original form so raw and yet full of life even for a watercolor figure painting. This reception of natural beauty from life has captured my complete artistic attention and given me an opportunity I cherish with every painting I do."